Special Order Item

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Please Enter the model number if Known, or Just a General Description

Welcome to our 'Special Order Item' Section

If you are here, you will of probably spoken to one of our team and discussed your requirements. This section now allows you to pay for your goods and our team will then place and confirm your order.

This option simply allows you to order and pay for goods or services that are not listed on our main site via your debit, credit or Pay Pal account

We take all major credit cards and Pay Pal payment methods

Instructions for Use:

  1. Use the drop down options above to create the amount advised by your contact at Mascot  - It's the Total Amount with VAT
  2. Next enter the model number if known or any description in the 'Description of Goods or Services' box
  3. Leave the QTY box at 1
  4. Add to basket once finished
  5. Go to 'Checkout'
  6. Complete your personal details
  7. Make your payment by your preferred card method or Pay Pal

That's it. You're done! We'll send you an email confirmation for your records. We'll also keep in touch to confirm delivery date etc.